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Most Common Insulation Installation Mistakes

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How To Spot Poor Insulation in Your Home

An under-insulated home will be more difficult to keep comfortable in winter and summer. Your HVAC will work harder to keep up with the demand, leading to higher energy costs, more HVAC repairs and often, premature system replacement.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure your home is adequately insulated. In this blog, the experts at Royalty Mooney & Moses discuss common insulation mistakes and explain the importance of professional insulation installation.

Whether you’re considering insulating your home yourself or you’re just not sure your current insulation is cutting it, this guide can help.

Choosing the Wrong Insulation

Different types of insulation have different applications and installation methods. For example, some insulation is flammable and shouldn’t be used near a furnace, while other insulation types hold on to excess moisture and shouldn’t be used in basements.

An experienced insulation installer understands what type of insulation will work best in a variety of contexts. Insulation products like fiberglass batts, blown fiberglass and cellulose require professional installation for maximum efficiency, and each has its own benefits and disadvantages that you should know before choosing your new insulation.

Leaving Gaps

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when they install their own insulation is leaving large gaps in insulation. This occurs when insulation isn’t secured properly, which can open the home up to unwanted air and moisture leaks.

Professionals will ensure there are no gaps in the insulation coverage to prevent problems from excess air or moisture.

Neglecting the Air Seal

Although insulation is designed to slow the flow of heat into or out of your home, it doesn’t necessarily limit your home’s airflow. Too much airflow between conditioned and unconditioned spaces like that from living spaces to an unfinished attic can negate the impact of your insulation.

A professional installer will ensure areas around electrical wires, bathroom fans and your home’s lighting are sealed with fireproof caulk.

Over- or Under-Insulating

Insulation is rated with an R-value, which measures its effectiveness in restricting the flow of heat. Your R-value needs are largely dependent on your home’s geographic location. If your home is under-insulated, it won’t adequately prevent the transfer of heat and will overwork your HVAC system. In that scenario, it’s best to re-insulate your home.

If your home is over-insulated, it can trap heat, leading to problems with air quality, moisture and inconsistent temperatures. In either scenario, a professional can assess your home and determine what level and type of insulation is right for your location and budget.

Choosing the Wrong Insulation Contractor for the Job

Often, the biggest problem with a home’s insulation is the installation itself. Experienced insulation contractors understand what insulation to use, where to use it and how to properly install it for optimal results.

Although it can be tempting to DIY your own insulation, it’s best to leave it to the experts who can inspect your home and recommend products designed for your specific needs, such as soundproofing.

Royalty Mooney & Moses Insulation: Your Insulation Pros in Toledo, OH

Technician blowing in loose-fill insulation in an unfinished attic.

Since 1949, Royalty Mooney & Moses has delivered extraordinary service and products. We have the expertise to ensure your home is insulated for maximum energy efficiency and comfort. We’re a part of the IBP Family of Companies, who are national leaders in insulation services.

We offer a wide range of services throughout the area, including new construction insulation, wall insulation, commercial insulation and more.

Schedule insulation installation for your home with Royalty Mooney & Moses. Call (419) 662-4524 to get started.

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