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Enormous walk-in close with custom shelving, a corner bench under a window, tan carpet, and a ceiling fan.

Feeling cluttered or disorganized? Even with closet organizers and other organization products, creating a tidy, aesthetically pleasing space can be hard. Making the most of closet and storage space is one of our specialties at Royalty Mooney & Moses.

We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality custom closet and shelving options in the Toledo, OH, area. From custom design to installation, we offer solutions to help you get and stay organized.

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Benefits of Installing Closet Shelving

Not sure whether you want to add a new closet to your home? It’s easy to overlook the benefits of taking a small — or large — amount of space in your home and converting it into closet space.

At a glance, it may seem to reduce your usable floor space with few merits. However, by installing a new closet, you stand to gain:

Improved Organization

Walk-in closet with green walls and white custom shelving and hangers, and white carpet.

A closet allows you to better organize your home, giving you a place to put clothes, boxes and other supplies where they’re out of sight but easily accessible.

Having different closets for different purposes allows you to combine this “out of sight, out of mind” principle with ease of access, so the things not immediately at your fingertips are nonetheless still easy to find when you need them.

With larger closets, you can even create walk-in spaces dedicated to a single goal and a single type of activity, i.e., using a large walk-in closet with a mirror to act as a place to dress, do makeup, etc., without occupying a bathroom or other space.

Expansion of Existing Spaces

Adding a new closet to your home can also mean transferring space from one room to another, allowing you to effectively expand a too-small space by borrowing from an area of your home with too much space.

This is obviously limited to cases where rooms are adjacent to unused space in another room, but it can be a powerful option. Taking an unused corner and turning it into a well-used closet also expands space in a real way.

Multiplied Space Through Shelving & Other Storage

Custom shelving pantry area next to a dining space.

Few things make square footage feel larger than effective shelving and storage spaces, but some homeowners don’t like how shelving looks or have items they want stored out of sight.

A closet packed full of shelves multiplies floor space in a convenient, aesthetically pleasing way. You can combine simple shelving with built-in, enclosed storage spaces or drawers in a closet for added convenience and unique flair.

Improved Home Value for Sales or Equity

However you feel about closets, there’s no denying that good closet space is considered a plus to most people shopping for homes, which in turn means they play a role in determining how much your home is worth, both in real terms when you’re trying to sell and in terms of home valuation and equity.

Adding a closet to your home can be a great investment for this reason.

Closet Shelving & Storage Solutions in Toledo, OH & Surrounding Areas

Looking for a custom closet designer? We can help. Royalty Mooney & Moses ‘s storage solutions are customized to the needs of your project. Our team can analyze the space and create a custom closet system to help provide order and functionality to any home.

We have shelving systems and solutions for all types of spaces, such as:

  • Bedroom closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Front hall and coat closets
  • Mudrooms
  • Kitchen pantries
  • Garages

These are more than just off-the-shelf organizers. There’s no limit to the style and unique touch a custom closet can add to your home.

Get your home and life organized with custom closet and shelving solutions from Royalty Mooney & Moses. Contact us online or call today.

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Have a personal goal to be more organized? Need closet and shelving installers for a new construction project? Royalty Mooney & Moses can provide an assessment for your closet door and shelving needs.

We offer high-quality custom organization and closet solutions for your Toledo, OH, home at an affordable rate. Royalty Mooney & Moses can add built-in shelves, hanging racks and any other features you want to create your perfect storage area.

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